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Tips on Cutting Stainless Steel Pipe

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Steel pipes contains a lot of types,such as API steel pipe, black steel pipe ,welded steel pipe and so on. The same,a lot of pipe materials also can be used,contains PVC, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. And today we will talk about stainless steel ,which is very popular and can be widely used in a lot of areas,including construction,the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and automotive industries. Recently,more and more human beings are collecting the information of cutting stainless steel pipe. If you are intersted in this problem,there are six steps which you need to follow.

First,you need to attach the bench vise to the workbench.

Second,you can use the vise to secure the pipe to the workbench. And to mark the spot where you want to cut the pipe. And you should allow at least 6 inches of space between the end of the table and the mark, to give you enough room to work with the pipe cutter.

Third, you need to attach the pipe cutter to the pipe and tighten the handle until the cutting edge just touches the pipe.

Fourth, you need to apply a small number of oil to the cutting site and tighten the cutter.

Fifth, you need to rotate the pipe cutter around the pipe several times.

Finally,you can continue to add oil, tighten the cutter, and rotate it around the pipe until you have completely cut through the pipe. You should keep in mind that the inside of the pipe can be smoothed using a reamer,so that you can cutting stainless steel pipe in the right way.

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