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API Steel Pipe in Construction Sites

The time of issue:2014-10-31 8:52:55       Author:

When API steel pipe is in contact with the stainless steel, it might be less corrosion resistant. This is because it acts as the anode and corrodes in a preferential manner. The rate of corrosion in stainless pipe production can be rapid if its surface area is small relative to the area of API steel pipe cathode. An example of this would be the use of galvanized API steel pipe fasteners since it can hold stainless steel sheets. However, a good design of API steel pipe might be more durable unless the system is always wet. Galvanic couples in API steel pipe are not necessarily a problem and can be used to benefit in some steel pipe designs. Stainless steels are used in a very wide variety of applications including consumer goods such as domestic kitchenware and tableware.

What is more, API steel pipe is also used in kitchen sinks, laundry equipment and electronic appliances. On the other hand, we also commonly see API steel pipe in architecture, building and construction sites. In fact, stainless pipe production has been used in numerous famous buildings and one example is the Chrysler building in New York. When it was build in 1930s, it was the world's tallest building that with the roof and upper structure made of API steel pipe. More common applications of steel pipe are balustrades, column wraps, guttering, signage, and curtain wall supports. And we can make a list of more examples such as light poles, elevator doors, bridges, and barrier walls. In such cases, API steel pipe can be used to extend the life of critical areas of roadways and marine structures.

What is more, API steel pipe positions are colored according their axial velocity after injection of a certain fluids. By analysis of the single phase flow simulations, we can identify several critical numbers where important flow transitions occur. The API steel pipe vortices develop in the channel and the typical picture of such a vortex is a spiral like structure with flow directed along the vortex axis. What is more, the axial velocity starts to decrease as an adverse pressure gradient within the vertical structures so that the pressure will increase in the flow direction. On the other hand, vortex core can be identified as the location of the pressure minima along the x axis. And symmetric steady recirculation zones are related to the fluid speed and reverse signs in stainless pipe production. This is because the local pressure gradient can drive the flow against the mean flow field direction within the vortices. The signature of vortex breakdown can be used to study the axial velocity in the vortex core in API steel pipe reversal transition.


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