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System Definition for Inspection of Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-10-27 8:55:06       Author:

Before we start to use API steel pipe, we should always carry out inspection of steel pipe for damage before the actual installation. This is largely because API steel pipe may have cuts, gouges, scratches, splits, or other signs of damage due to improper handling or storage. If such minor flaws are found, they should not be used at all. Damaged sections on lengths of API steel pipe can easily be cut out as long as we use proper techniques for cutting steel pipe. The piping products can be painted if it is necessary for aesthetic purposes even though only water-based paints are recommended. This is because the use of oil-based paints may result in damage according to inspection of steel pipe. The API steel pipe can be cleaned with a mild soap and water mixture prior to the painting process.

Accounting aberrations are known for the API steel pipe industry in the U.S. since the exported pipes will be then immediately registered in a foreign country. In most cases, these pipes are not reported in trade statistics while the military used API steel pipe is officially never exported. Thus, those pipe products often become obsolete and are scrapped outside the nation. Exports of API steel pipe scrap are likely to be larger than reported due to inventory manipulation, speculation, and black market trading. In fact, these are common practices for continuous production at large scale. In the present work, we need to propose a framework for API steel pipe resource cycles that includes all relevant stocks and flows of metallic iron.

At the same time, we need to assess present and future market conditions for API steel pipe so as to better allocate all kinds of production forces with the help of inspection of steel pipe. For instance, one of the raw materials, anthropogenic iron stocks, can be calculated by using a material flow analysis model. The model features a previously described system definition for inspection of steel pipe and it can differentiate the transformation and market processes. Transformation processes of API steel pipe balance inputs and outputs of a range of industrial facilities. On the other hand, market processes balance domestic and foreign supply and demand in physical terms because the mass balance principle can be applied to inspection of steel pipe as well. This is an ideal approach since it not only integrates engineering and economic perspectives in physical terms, but also significantly improves consistency and quality of API steel pipe. Specifically, the pipes must be cleaned of sand and liquid of various types before we carry out inspection of steel pipe. The recovery of these liquids can be dissolved or entrained before we use the control devices.


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