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Joints on Black Steel Pipe Surfaces

The time of issue:2014-9-28 9:15:51       Author:

To consistently make good joints in black steel production, we should fully understand some key points. First of all, the black steel pipe joining surfaces must be softened so that sufficient cement must be applied to fill the gap between black steel pipe and fitting. What is more, assembly of pipe and fittings must be made while the surfaces are still wet and fluid in most cases. Thus, the joint strength may develop as the cement dries in the tight part of the black steel pipe surfaces. This is because black steel production will tend to fuse together in the loose part and the cement may bond to both surfaces.

When using the one step cementing process, the effect of penetration and softening can be achieved by the cement itself. As long as we follow the cementing procedures carefully, we cannot go wrong with the time tested installation instructions in black steel production. For certain sizes, black steel production can be highly cost effective under certain conditions even though it may be desirable to use the two step process. To be more specific, it utilizes a primer to ensure adequate strengthening of black steel pipe. For example, when working in cold weather with large diameter pipe, we may require more time and additional applications.

For instance, sufficient cement may be filled in the loose part of the joint due to black steel production. Besides filling the gap, adequate cement layers will penetrate the black steel pipe surfaces and also remain wet as long as the joint is assembled to a large extent. This is largely because the top surface of a piece of black steel pipe has two separate layers. And the heavy layer of cement has a thin brushed out layer and we can test it by a gentle tap with the finger. By doing so, we will note that the thin layer of black steel pipe becomes tacky and then dries quickly. What is more, we need to check for penetration in black steel production after applying these layers by scraping the pipes with a knife.

The thin layer will have achieved little or no penetration while the heavy layer has much more penetration. If the cement coatings on the black steel pipe and fittings are wet, they will tend to flow together and become one layer in the end. At the same time, they are sources for future secondary resources and demand for in-use stocks may generate continuous demand. Despite their great importance and their impacts on other parts of the black steel production cycles and the environment, the study of black steel pipe stocks has been widely neglected.


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