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Specific Properties of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-9-25 8:48:04       Author:

The technology of layered welded pipe casting is largely bases on layer coating and mould cavity preparation. Prepared castings of welded steel pipe consist two fundamental parts including the bearing part and working part or layers. The bearing part of welded pipe casting is a typical foundry material whereas the working layer is marked with austenitic alloy steel. The ratio of welded steel pipe thickness may vary between bearing and working parts. The quality of layered castings can be carefully evaluated on the basis of ultrasonic structure and researches. In the welded steel pipe industry, there is a growing demand for castings with special properties such as abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance at elevated temperature.

Such kind of elements can be achieved with welded pipe casting even though such materials like of Ni, Co, and Ti are expensive and hard to reach. In many cases, the requirements for high performance welded steel pipe properties affect only the working surface of the casting. In some cases, the coating might lead to allowable dimension decrease although there are many methods for producing metallic coatings on materials. What is more, some special welded pipe casting has to be made to provide specific performance properties in which the casting is placed in mould. The granular insert of welded steel pipe can be then poured into molten metal and the overall iron stock has slightly increased over the last forty years or so. On the other hand, the welded steel pipe distribution among different repositories has changed significantly.

Until the end of the 19th century, the anthropogenic iron stock is negligible compared with the iron in ores when it comes to welded steel pipe. Industrialization has moved iron out of the ground and incorporated it into a range of steel products in use. Welded pipe casting can also be used in tailings, slag, and landfills and this technology is the most economical way for the surface of pipe castings. This is because welded steel pipe allows the production of layer elements to integrate with each other directly in the casting process.

Therefore, the welded pipe casting technology can provide significant competition for the commonly used welding and thermal spraying technologies. The good news is that cutting edge welded pipe casting system is available to offshore contractors and welded steel pipe is further developed. The large multi-head rack systems are not only flexible but also suitable for land use. Eventually both welded steel pipe companies also developed band-and-bug systems that are marked with the automated welding system. However, we should realize that most of the welding systems are owned exclusively by offshore contractors or are rented from them.


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