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How to Increase Welded Steel Pipe Production

The time of issue:2014-9-24 8:53:47       Author:

Pipe welding technology plays an important part in both the onshore and offshore pipeline industry and this also goes for welded steel pipe. Throughout the years there have been significant advancements of pipe welding technology to help ensure the durability and reliability of welded steel pipe. Pipeline welding, as we know it today, was firstly started in 1930s with the introduction of cellulosic electrode. While there is no doubt that welded steel pipe can be used in many applications, cellulosic electrodes have proven to be very effective.

They will remain popular so for many years to come even though they are technically limited in terms of strength, toughness, and production rates. Once the offshore pipeline construction started, there was a drive to increase welded steel pipe production rates. This is largely due to the cost of narrow weather windows and the demand has then turned to using a semi-automatic metal arc welding process. On the other hand, the high incidence of welded steel pipe has forced pipe welding technology and welding equipment developers to mechanize the process.

While many have tried to produce welded steel pipe in innovative ways, it is not until 1970s that the first viable pipeline welding system is produced. On the other hand, the mechanized welded steel pipe system is deposited using a combination of internal welder and clamp. Due to this reason, welded steel pipe is deposited externally using an orbital bug and guide band. The cutting edge pipe welding technology can make great contributions to the world's energy demand.

In this condition it is likely that the steel pipe industry will increasingly seek to justify any aspect of its business, including its choice of materials. Therefore, pipe welding technology has to be upgraded in order to boost the sustainability rating. Despite efforts to build alternative welded steel pipe systems, traditional pipe welding technology has dominated the landline industry for almost twenty five years. Within six years of the first mechanized welded steel pipe line, a new system has been used with a copper backing clamp.

And the remaining passes are deposited with the help of an orbital bug. What is more, sensitivity analysis shows that some of the pipe welding technology is sensitive to the magnitude of the welded steel pipe lifetimes assumed in the model. For all other pipe product categories, the impact of the assumed welded steel pipe lifetimes might be low because the amount of iron has not changed substantially for the last forty years. Historic steel pipe flows can be generated for different assumptions of average pipe welding technology. The magnitude of the pipe welding technology indicates the potential current steel pipe availability and the size of the different iron reservoirs.


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