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The Stock of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-9-11 9:26:50       Author:

Historic of welded steel pipe is related to iron stocks in principal repositories since ore calculation can be used to estimate and assume the current reserve base. Thus welded pipe history can be utilized to compute historic welded steel pipe quantities and usage from annual extraction data. Landfills are the third largest iron reservoir and it is only followed by tailings ponds and steel slag repositories. The error margins for welded steel pipe tailings are estimated to be significantly higher than those for the other iron stocks. In fact, part of the welded pipe history has the cumulative difference between obsolete welded steel pipe products and products that have waste management.

The welded steel pipe production also includes accumulations in stocks of obsolete pipe products as well as net exports of welded steel pipe. What is more, two flows cannot be distinguished on the basis of the available data. Independent of the assumption for welded steel pipe accumulation, we can observe an increase in total iron stock to present. It reflects the cumulative effect of net imports of welded steel pipe in traded goods with the direct measurements from multiple sources at onshore steel production sites. Some of the major piping companies incorporate operational welding practices that have been adopted or become more prevalent since the 1990s.

The results of comparison between the microstructure of selected welded steel pipe have differences and similarities in these iron carbon commercial pipes. Both microstructure and properties of the welded pipes are very close and there is no so doubt to treat mechanical properties as welded steel pipe may contain nodular inclusions of graphite. Hydraulic fracturing and welding are among the practices that have become more widely used in welded pipe history over the past two decades.

During hydraulic fracturing, materials are injected at high pressure into low permeability formations so as to create channels for flow in the formations. There is no doubt for welded steel pipe producers to temper ductile iron and this is one of the most outstanding achievements in iron carbon metallurgy. In last fifty years, it has been tremendous interest in processing and development of welded steel pipe. The excellent combination of strength, wear resistance and toughness make this kind of pipe concurrent material for wide variety of applications in automotive, rail and heavy engineering industries.

Although it will take some time before steel pipe designers accept this relative new structural material, we also need to pay attention to the commercial use of different grades in welded pipe history. The unique mechanical properties of welded steel pipe largely result from its specific microstructure that contains austenite and ferrite.


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