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The Development of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-9-3 10:03:48       Author:

The third root option of welded steel pipe is marked with external backing based upon a special short arc transfer power supply. The advantage of this welded steel pipe making process is that it is a much lower rental cost. Although onshore pipe lines in general refer to large diameter pipes, the production process is much slower. For example, the one inch internal welded steel pipe diameter might have an internal root pass that is almost twice as fast as an external copper root pass. And the external copper root pass is four times faster than no backing root passes. Depending upon the welded steel pipe diameter and length of the pipeline, we may make decision on the best root option. 

Also when it comes to onshore pipe lines, we need to take into account schedule and the terrain since each root option should be cost effective for appropriate circumstances. Welded steel pipe can now be accomplished using single or dual head bugs or a combination of both. After the initial development of onshore pipe lines, many efforts have been made to build a dual head bug system. The impact of its dual head bug provided welded steel pipe producers the opportunity to significantly increase production rates offshore. It is most helpful in places where the number of weld stations is limited. While dual heads do not double production, they will increase welded steel pipe deposition by forty percent since onshore pipe lines require fewer weld stations and welders. There are state-of-the-art automated welded steel pipe production systems and are now widely used worldwide. Current welding technology has been largely improved thanks to the mechanized onshore pipe lines systems.

In fact, the process has now given way to computer controls and can be classed as automated pipe making systems. Today, pipeline contractors have the choice of using internal roots as well as external roots with copper backing. This is because external roots of welded steel pipe are proven to be effective even though they have pros and cons. Some large scale pipe lines have the highest rates on land and they can also handle more alignment and do not need welders. Copper clamps are cheaper than internal welders in the production of onshore pipe lines but have some risk of copper contamination.

In addition to economic advantages, onshore pipe lines producers will not generate opportunities for the development of cracks in the heat affected zone. Thus some problems might arise as a result of the new welding method. The idea of the proposed technology of layered casting is taken from the relevant mining industry method of composite surface layers. Welded steel pipe can be placed in mould before we pour the molten metal.


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