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The Popularity of Welded Steel Pipe Worldwide

The time of issue:2014-8-27 9:28:40       Author:

Welded steel pipe's structure typically consists of austenite and ferrite, which provides a combination of the corrosion resistance in steel pipe applications. Thus welded steel pipe made from stainless steels will have greater strength since duplex stainless steels can also be welded. However, care must be exercised so as to maintain the correct balance of austenite and ferrite in welded steel pipe. The thermal expansion in steel pipe applications lies in the austenitic stainless steels. On the other hand, other thermal properties are similar to plain carbon steels in some of the steel pipe applications. Formability of welded steel pipe is reasonable, but higher forces than those used for stainless steel pipes are required. This is largely because nickel can improve the general corrosion resistance. What is more, it also prompts the formation of austenite and stabilizer in the steel pipes.

In fact, welded steel pipe that has about eight percent of nickel has a fully austenitic structure. Thus, it will exhibit superior welding and working characteristics and increasing nickel content further improves both corrosion resistance and workability in steel pipe applications. However, we have to admit that lack of knowledge about welded steel pipe not only limits our insights into future resources, but it also confines our understanding of the piping industry. Therefore, comprehending steel pipe applications is essential for measuring and improving overall utilization of welded steel pipe. The study in this area has only recently begun to attract interest from the academic circle as well as the business field. In general, two methods are used to quantify steel pipe applications. Firstly we have the bottom up approach in which inventories of the most relevant welded steel pipe in use and their metal concentrations are quantified to calculate the overall pipe stock.

And we also have the top down approach in which the stocks of welded steel pipe are computed by using historic production and trade data. By doing so, we can figure out estimates for a reasonable welded steel pipe distribution plan. Although bottom up studies concerning steel pipe applications offer more detail about the different steel pipes, the top-down approach can provide information on the historic development of welded steel pipe. In fact, top down approaches have been used to roughly quantify historic steel pipe applications in the United States (U.S.), North America, and Switzerland for about seven years so far. These nations are among the first to quantify welded steel pipe stocks in all relevant compartments on equal footing. However, they neglected trade flows somehow restricts accuracy in steel pipe applications. In general, little attention has been paid so far to the analysis and interpretation of temporal patterns of resource stocks in use.


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