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API Steel Pipe Made From Stainless Steels

The time of issue:2014-8-25 8:28:25       Author:

API steel pipe materials in general refer to stainless steels that consist of chromium and are essentially nickel free. These API steel pipe materials contain very little carbon and are therefore non-heat treatable. However, the API steel pipe in general exhibits superior corrosion resistance when it is compared to other types of stainless steels. It also possesses good resistance to oxidation that is commonly seen in other steel pipes. Some of the API steel pipe materials are subject to an impact transition at low temperatures since they possess adequate formability.

What is more, the thermal expansion of API steel pipe materials and other thermal properties are similar to conventional steels. However, API steel pipe made from stainless steels is readily welded in thin sections. Thus there will be grain growth with consequential loss of properties when the steel pipe is welded in thicker sections. In some cases, stainless steels consist of carbon, chromium and iron and other API steel pipe materials. The method people use to heat the materials is the same with that used to heat the traditional steels.

On the other hand, API steel pipe materials provide a range of mechanical properties and offer different heat treatment temperatures. The corrosion resistance of API steel pipe may be described as moderate since the corrosion performance of API steel pipe materials is poorer than other stainless steels. However, when API steel pipe is compared with chromium and alloy content, we may consider the impact transition and pipe formability at low temperatures. As it turns out, the thermal expansion and other thermal properties of API steel pipe materials are similar to conventional steels. Therefore, in making high quality API steel pipe, different kinds of steel pipe materials may be welded with caution. This is largely because cracking can be a feature when matching filler metals are used.

In addition, if we take a look at the long term forecasting of API steel pipe demand, it is essential to improve the availability of API steel pipe materials. This is especially true in emerging markets and economies where there is a huge demand for pips in construction applications. What is more, the major implications for API steel pipe sustainability, recycling technology, and industrial policy may vary according to different API steel pipe materials. Some experts' perspective is that API steel pipe materials can be better processed, and fabricated into steel pipe products. And they could eventually lead to the improvement of API steel pipe even though we still have limited knowledge at present. However, we can recognize the significant differences between API steel pipe materials and other metal materials. Whereas API steel pipe changes very slowly over time, the piping industry changes rapidly and therefore require better monitoring.


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