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Compare Seamless Steel Pipe With Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-8-18 8:27:14       Author:

Seamless or welded forms all can produce the stainless steel pipes or welded steel pipe. But people have no idea about the advantages and benefits of the two productions. We would talk something about this in below. We should take an abundance of facts into consideration when we facing select and choose. The first fact we should take into consideration is the processes of production. Different procedures are used to produce the seamless pipes. In order to wall thickness, we produce the Seamless pipes relying on the ratio of diameter or just the diameter. A round spool section can be preheated with the normal raw material in a rotary furnace. We can also preshape a hollow section in larger diameters.

A rotary rolling mill usually can be predrilled by a perforation press. We can use individual steel plates and coils as raw material in the process of manufacturing longitudinally welded pipes. There are many differences when producing the pipes. These differences are mainly in heat treatment, welding, g cold forming and non-destructive testing and so on.

The second fact we should take into consideration is dimensions. In order to manufacturer either seamless pipes or welded pipes, we should offer a wide range of standard sizes. Therefore, different branches of industry can choose suitable standard sizes for their products. We can use the raw materials to order because the production of welded pipes is individual. We should use the raw materials in the condition of precise thicknesses and rely on the calculations of the wall thickness. These calculations of the wall thickness can save energy and money. They cut a lot of bills on energy and save amount of resources. That is the second fact we should take into consideration is dimensions.

The third fact we should take into consideration is cost-effectiveness. In order to medium-sized outside diameters, we should take the advantages of seamless pipes into consideration. One of advantage of seamless pipes is cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we should clear about the wall thicknesses to small the outside diameters. On the one hand, there are advantages of welded pipes such as small, medium-sized. On the other hand, there are other advantages of welded pipes such as 2 to70 mm wall thicknesses of the outside diameters. That is the third fact we should take into consideration. All in all, there are some facts we should take into consideration. Therefore, we can make a better choice when we are facing selects and choice between the seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes.


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