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Basic Types of Weld Joints

The time of issue:2014-8-14 8:34:13       Author:

In order to supply for various people's need, people depart the welding joint into four basic joints. Such as butt joints, tee joints, lap joints and corner joints. The first type of weld joints is butt joints. We can also call butt joints as the “butt welded joint”. In the systems of fabrication welded pipe, butt joints are the most common type of welding joint. We usually used butt joints in the fabrication. The most universally method which can get the fittings, Valves, flanges and other equipment together is butt joint. We can use this method and welding technique in widely situations and areas. These situations and areas need quality weld steel pipe.

We should investigate the X-ray technically which mainly used in manufacturing welded steel pipe. The thickness of welded should be produced with the material achieved the 3/16. We should chamfer the pipes, flanges and fittings at the temperate 37.5° and flare them on a small upright side. The "Plain bevel" which is mainly from the wall thicknesses is the most common bevel. In the old ages, The "Plain bevel" is usually from 4 to 22.5 mm. while another bevel which is named the "Compound bevel" for wall thicknesses over 22 mm. This is a common type of weld joints.

The second type of weld joints is fillet welded joints. We can connect the fillet welded joints such as the lap, tee and corner joints to welded fabrication. These fillet welded joints are very common as connections in welded fabrication. There are 70 percent to 80 percent joints made by arc welding. We can make statistics on the fillet welded joints. In the systems of piping, we find that there is no edge preparation and simpler assemblies. Therefore, compared to butt welds, fillet welds are cheaper. We usually use the fillet welded joints which are mainly in pipe systems to socket and join the sizes NPS 2 or smaller pipe. We can use the sizes NPS 2 or smaller pipe in the pipe system and use Slip On flanges. Fillet welded joints is one type of weld joints.

The third type of weld joints is socket weld pipe. In order to reduce the residual stress, we usually use the bottoming clearance which is mainly use in a socket weld pipe. In the times of solidification of the weld metal, we could make the weld occurred. And In order to allow different expansion which is a part of mating elements, we have to reduce the residual stress which is produced at the root of the weld. Socket weld pipe also is a type of weld joints.


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