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Comparison Between Seamless and Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-8-13 10:00:04       Author:

Even though the seamless steel pipe and the welded steel pipe are all use for convert oil and gas, but they still have some difference between them. Therefore, we make a comparison between seamless and welded. Therefore, we can make a better choice and purchase the suitable steel pipe to using. When it comes to seamless VS welded, welded steel pipe has more effective cost. We get the result from a tube manufacturing standpoint. The reason why welded steel pipe is more cost-effective is that we input the minimized labor and reduced the scrap which is produced in the process of manufacturing the steel pipe. In terms of seamless VS welded, welded steel pipe has more effective cost. We also can know the result from a fabrication standpoint. In order to create the umbilical, we need to get the individual length of tube together through the field orbital welds which numbers is decreasing.

Seamless VS welded, the advantage of welded steel pipe over seamless steel pipe. We can manufacture a properly welded steel pipe with the help of a reputable supplier. Therefore, Seamless VS welded, the advantage of seamless steel pipe cannot over welded steel pipe. Seamless VS welded, seamless tubes are more available in many areas.  The continuous lengths of tube up to 25,000 meters are usually suitable for welded tube. On the contract, the fixed finite lengths of tube like 6 or 12 meters are suitable for seamless tubes. Other continuous tubes are usually about 500 meters long and these continuous tubes usually are made from a coil of strip material.

Seamless VS welded, welded tubing has more economic benefits. We can get a lot of benefits when we are purchasing welded tubing. We can get them from a reliable supplier with no performance in sacrifice. We can realize the economy not only in costs of initial purchase but also in fabrication.  A splice weld can supply for coiled welded tubing. This splice weld can be work in cold condition and solution annealed at 500 meters. The splice welds and coiled seamless tubes have a long distance between them. They are almost over 30 meters. We know that welded tubing is superior to other seamless tubing because welded tubing is controlled with a wall thickness dimension. But they also have many similar. They all can meet the meet strength of minimum tensile and meet the requirements of strength. All in all, we should know their difference when seamless VS welded.


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