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Stainless Steel Pipe Types

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A small percentage of chromium and a steel alloy made of stainless steel which is a special and versatile material together. The corrosion resistance of material is added with chromium which is an addition. This is the reason why we call stainless steel with the name of "stainless steel". Stainless steel is less influenced metals which is contact with it. Stainless steel has advantages of oxidation resistant and low cost in maintenance. Therefore, it largely used in many fields and has various applications, Such as in tubing and piping producing. There are several stainless steel pipe types depending on the end use of the pipe.

The first stainless steel pipe type is stainless steel piping. At some times, it is difficult to classify pipes and tubes. Therefore, it is also difficult to distinguish their difference between pipes and tubes only rely on their functions. Stainless welded steel pipe can divide into two parts, one is grade, and another is type. As for stainless steel pipe type, the most common selection is type 304 stainless steel when it comes to applications of tubing and piping. Type 304 stainless steel has highly chemical and corrosion-resistant. However, when temperature falls from 1640 to 800 degrees, this type of pipe has no applications compatible. That is caused by materials.

The second stainless steel pipe type is stainless steel tubing for general corrosion-resistance. This is a general type of steel which is suitable for applications and this type of steel need to corrosion resistance. We can manufacture ferritic or martensitic types of steel with annealed or heat-treated. More resistance can be offered by austenitic stainless steels. At the same conditions, we can use these austenitic stainless steels as ferritic and martensitic types.

The third stainless steel pipe type is stainless steel pressure pipe. Solid chromium is the material of stainless steel pressure pipe. So does the combination of chromium and nickel. The third stainless steel pipe type is stainless steel sanitary tubing. Food and sensitive products can be contacted with stainless steel sanitary tubing. The applications of stainless steel sanitary tubing can be used for high corrosion-resistance.


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