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Taking Advantage of Laser Welding

The time of issue:2014-8-11 8:57:31       Author:

In recent years, consumers apply laser welding to almost every field, such as laser cutting. Consumers found that there are lots of advantages of laser welding. In terms of advantage of laser welding, we know that Using laser welding can produce more goods and products and make the cost of producing productions lower. The one features of laser welding is versatile just like the welded steel pipe.

When it comes to advantage of laser welding, we can know that applying to laser beams can short the time of producing products. While we usually use steel plate welding only after the invention of the laser. But the history of using laser beams is very long for they are begun to use in early 1970s. Laser beams are mainly used for thick steel plate welding. There is one advantage of laser welding. Special CO2 lasers capable can be conducted by Laser welding experiments. We can investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of laser welding structural, pipe steels, nuclear and aerospace materials through the test. Now one advantage of laser welding includes ranging hundreds of watts to 60 kW. Laser welding designs special and can be analyzed carefully.

There are also advantages of laser welding in process. First we will introduce the advantage of laser welding in the system. A laser beam generator and beam-directing optics are the parts of system of a typical laser welding. In order to deliver the beam to the work, beam-directing optics and generator are necessary to use. We should pay more attention to the power density and required spot size. Work piece handling equipment usually included in a workstation and can feature loading and unloading automatic. Second we will introduce the advantage of laser welding in the process. Compared to resistance and other common heat sources, the power density of the laser beam is higher. Keyhole welding is required by industrial laser welding when we apply them. The laser beam mostly focus on power density which is range 106 to 107. That is not a big different from electron beams for welding.

In terms of the advantage of laser welding in the process, we may easily remember the pressure. The pressure is mainly produced by beam-material interaction in power density. The material's keyhole is usually created by beam-material interaction. A thin cylinder of molten metal surrounds the keyhole which is full of metal vapor. All in all, there are some advantages of laser welding in the process we have mentioned.


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