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Cracking of Underground Welded Steel Pipes

The time of issue:2014-8-7 8:34:31       Author:

There is an analysis on the reasons why low alloy steel welded pipes are buried in the ground. This failure drives researchers to find a better way to install low alloy steel welded pipes. Researchers report that the cracking of underground welded steel pipe is mainly caused by low ductility fracture rather than resulted from tensile ductile overload. Multiple intergranular secondary cracks are included in low ductility fracture in the area of the weld. Intergranular cracking initiating make a big contribute to this failure. Zone and propagated are usually affected by the outer surface which is underground welded steel pipes by the thickness of wall. Cracks or folds of random surface can be found around the pipe. At some times, from the tip of these discontinuities, we can find some cases cracks. As to the failure investigation, states offer analytical techniques and chemical analysis.

We can applicant Galvanized steel tubes in indoors and outdoors. In conclusion, the brittle fracture can be adjacent to the underground welded steel pipes and galvanizing steel pipes. There is no tensile overload because people regard the underground welded steel pipes as primary failure mechanism.

In order to examine the microstructural features of the pipe, we should carry out the cracking direction. It is important to know some information of underground welded steel pipes. There is report states that the Second cracking underground welded steel pipes was happened in failure area. The Secondary cracking underground welded steel pipes usually happened following with a subtle which is inter-granular pattern. Therefore, we suggest that we should together the grain boundary areas with the grain interior.

There are experimental techniques of underground welded steel pipes. These Failures cases which are cracking the underground welded steel pipes remember us that we should make a deep research on them. In a word, HAZ sensitization reports the news that there is a cracking of underground welded steel pipes. Then researchers make a deep study to them. These researchers analyze this engineering failure according to this cracking case.


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