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How to Make Spiral Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-8-4 8:55:05       Author:

The process of producing spiral pipe is using a strip coil as raw materials and making extrusion warm. And in order to make the two-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process active and automatic, we should make welded steel pipe seam. To make spiral pipe, raw materials is necessary. We can call raw materials' another name "strip volume". We should test raw materials' physical and chemical features when they are input. To make spiral pipe, we should have tail docking and strip head. Both twin-wire submerged arc welding and a single wire submerged arc welding are used when we strip head and tail docking. We can roll automatic submerged arc welding into the steel pipe automatic.

To make spiral pipe, we should prior to molding. We can do this strip after cutting, edge planning, flattening and so on. To make spiral pipe, we should control the conveyor. In order to make sure the strip's smooth delivery, cylinder pressure and electric contact pressure are gauged. We also need to internal control the form of roll and external locus. To make spiral pipe, we can meet the requirements of welding with the weld gap control device. In order to make sure that we have controlled diameter, the weld gap, misalignment and weld gap strictly, we need to have enough weld gap control device to supply. To make spiral pipe, the network of world's steel pipe have been built. This network of world's steel pipe is used to supply the world's steel pipe for consumers. Network editor reports that welding either inside or outside, either twin-wire submerged arc welding or single wire submerged arc welding, can cause a stable specifications of welding.

To make spiral pipe, we should automatically end the weld welding. In order to make sure that the surface of spiral weld is 100 percent covering through non-destructive testing. In order to predict defects, we can make the tag defective and spray and adjust the parameters. In order to cut steel pipe single, we also can use the cutting machine which is a type of air plasma.

To make spiral pipe, we should cut a steel pipe single. It is strict censorship to batch the steel pipe. Properties of the weld mechanical should be checked. To achieve the aim that production can be formally put into, we should make sure that there is a qualified tube process and qualified surface after NDT. All in all, in order to make spiral pipe, there are some steps you need to know and obey.


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