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Advantages of Spiral Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-8-1 10:52:04       Author:

Defects of welded steel pipe which is in majority are concentrated. And the zone has been affected by spiral pipe defects. We choose the spiral steel pipe just for its larger probability and long-term constraints. Those are the reasons why spiral steel pipe are widely used in varies fields. Compared to the UOE steel pipe, spiral steel pipe can divide to long vexed spiral pipe and straight seam pipe. Nowadays the technology to produce spiral pipe is rapidly developing. We should evaluate Spiral pipe accurately and compares Spiral pipe and rediscover long spiral weld. We can direct the tube of the main stress when we use them. For example, Compared to the straight seam, the length and the axial direction of steel pipe are smaller. Pipeline can be affected on the tough of anisotropy and steel which is rolled. These advantages of spiral steel pipe are the reasons we choose steel pipe.

There are some other advantages of spiral steel pipe. In water engineering, we usually use the spiral steel pipe. The spiral steel pipe also can use in various fields, such as urban construction, power industry, petrochemical industry and so on. There are 20 major products developed by spiral steel pipe. They deliver liquids like drainage or water. Steam, gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other gas transportation are also transported by spiral steel pipe. There are some structural purposes for us choose spiral steel pipe. These structural purposes include buildings, docks, and bridges and so on. However, the process of welding steel pipe is high efficiency. These are some advantages of spiral steel pipe.

In order to improve the arrest ability and toughness, we should reduce the sulfur content which is a body of the steel pipe. In order to achieve one goal that delivers fewer inclusions to the swap, we also need to reduce inclusions. But the content of phosphorus is lower than other content. The phosphorus on the walkability and steel toughness are a hazard. We can increase numbers of added titanium and the content of vanadium niobium and move walkability through reduces the content of phosphorus. The quality of the spiral can be influenced by defects of welding. These are some advantages of spiral steel pipe.

In conclusion, consumers choose product for its benefit. While spiral steel pipe have a number of advantages. These are reasons why people choose them. These advantages of spiral steel pipe are the reasons we choose steel pipe.


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