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Welded Stainless Steel Tubes

The time of issue:2014-7-28 8:44:27       Author:

To support our daily lives, welded stainless steel tubes and welded steel pipe are more and more important in virtually every industrial segment. They have characteristics with high quality. And stainless steel tubes and pipes have good performance of corrosion resistance. Therefore, they can be used in pharmaceutical production, food processing, the processing of liquids and gases solution. While as for the oil and gas have pressure applications, Welded tubular products with high strength are more suitable for them. Almost all stainless steel tubular products are constructing of seamless. However, seamless using is diminished by welded products as for its advantages. Strip material and plate are parts of tubes and most tubes have the best weld quality which is 100 percent non-destructive tested.

After choosing heat treatment, the optimum welding procedure is following. The weld corrosion resistance which is cleaned by chemical equals to the base metal. Welded tubes and pipes have the beauties of lower inherent cost, narrower wall thickness tolerances and surfaces of internal which should be checked prior to manufacture. Larger diameters and longer lengths are allowed by Welded tubes and pipes to produce. Welded tubes take the major market but seamless tubes and pipes will not desert and are still used. Conservatism is not the main reasons of this phenomenon. The main reason is that it requires profiles to form some very heavy wall at some times while specify seamless is the traditional standards. There is no doubt that the futures and developing's of stainless steel tubular products depend on welded production.

Nowadays people argue that whether seamless is good or welded tube is good. Structural integrity and corrosion resistance of the weld is the issue that they argue. While the necessary quality, corrosion resistance, service life and reliability can be provided by welded and seamless production methods. The features of welded tubes are cheaper, smaller tolerances, thinner wall thickness and higher internal surface quality and so on. Because there are some larger diameters so that longer diameters can be produced. When plate is made of small diameters or complicated strip with heavy wall thickness, seamless tubes are needed to people. Seamless tubes are needed also in place where the standard specifically specifies seamless. To the market, welded products are renewable products in the market when we look at the production history of stainless steel tubular. Because at that time seamless are the only production.


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