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The Materials of Stainless Steel Pipe

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In general, if the stainless steel pipe contains low level of carbon which is usually less than 0.03 percent, the pipe should be specified for welding. Besides, the carbon level can have a great influence on the characteristics for the grades of material of stainless steel pipe, for example, it can lead to lower strength characteristics for them. In the meanwhile, manufacturers can add nitrogen to steel pipe so that the pipe can meet the requirements of welding regulations. Except for that, after that process, the stainless steel with higher mechanical properties of the standard alloy is allowed to be used.

Compared to API steel pipe, the level of nickel contained in the material of stainless steel pipe of duplex grades is lower; on the contrary, the level of chromium contents is higher. There is about 40-60 percent austenite in the material structure, and then the balance will be ferrite. Therefore, the material of stainless steel pipe has several unique properties, such as corrosion-resistance properties, higher mechanical properties. Because of the ferritic component of their structure, the ductility properties of duplex stainless steel will be lower than the austenitic stainless steel. In addition, except for greater strength capabilities, the stainless steel pipe will be also malleable and flexible. Generally, when welding duplex stainless steel pipe, manufacturers can use overmatching filler metals, and metals 308L and 316L can be used by austenitic alloys.

Therefore, different types of stainless steel pipe provide materials with different characters, such as different strength and design capabilities and so on. But the ductility and toughness can be also retained despite for a range of temperature. Even though it is very flexibility, it is beneficial for manufacturing, fabricating, and bending material. And then there will be characteristics including tolerance to damage, bowing and deflection. The other kind of material, the carbon stainless steel pipe, can provide a defined yield point clearly, but it cannot increase strength from cold work.

Because there is no clear yield point in stainless steel pipe, predetermined strain or plastic strain, which is typically 0.2% offset, is usually used to calculate the yield point. When the straight line portion of the curve is paralleled with this kind of strain, which also crosses the strain for a particular alloy, the stress value will be considered as the proof stress and as the minimum yield strength value. Even if the stress increases, the material is still used until it fails to work.


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