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The Story of Stainless Steel Pipe Invention

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The story of stainless steel pipe invention can be dated back to the First World War. Because the technology of steelmaking were not very sophisticated at that time, the gun barrel of the guns British army used were easily worn and out of use. Therefore, the quartermasters in the front-line had to send the broken guns back to the rear service to fix. Generally, the repair of the impaired guns was to replace the worn-barrels with a new one. But the repaired guns became useless after a short time and they were even to the point of scrap. To thoroughly solve the problem, a new material that can resist to be worn was needed to be invented and developed.

The British military department handed the task to Mr. Blair, a famous engineer at that time. It is where the story of stainless steel pipe invention that began. The first work Mr. Blair and his assistant did was to collect the various grades of steel on both domestic and foreign market. They tested the abrasion performance of the materials, and made them into gun barrels, and then they sent them to the shooting range for firing experiment. Mr. Blair's lab was filled with steel and looked like a museum of steel.

The steel was too much that they had to pile them in every corner of the lab. One day, while Blair was cleaning his lab, he found a short small shiny steel pipe. It was the embryonic form of stainless steel sent here by Mr. Maurer. In fact, the stainless steel pipe invention should be owed to Mr. Maurer although it is Mr. Blair who made the stainless steel well-known. Mr. Blair got a strong interest in this special shiny steel pipe and started to analyze the composition of the object. Then the stainless steel pipe invention happened. Since then the metal world had a great revolution. The stainless steel pipe invention had also helped the inventor, Mr. Blair, get a patent for the production of the stainless steel pipe in the United States, which has brought the British metal expert lucrative income.

The stainless steel is widely used in various areas, from high technologic industries to household's cookware. We believe that stainless steel pipe will have a more important role in our lives. As the manufacturing technique of stainless steel is becoming increasing sophisticated, the forms and categories of stainless steel pipe will be more various. Welded steel pipe, for example, is one of the most popular and common material used in both overseas and domestic industries. It is said that welded steel pipe can be considered as the flagship of the stainless steel pipe field. Thanks to the stainless steel pipe invention, our lives become more colorful and convenient.


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