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API Steel Pipe under the Optical Microscopy

The time of issue:2014-7-10 8:41:18       Author:

After the introduction of alloy steel pipe history, we may understand the fact the API steel pipe quenching is largely depending on the temperature and the overall process may take one to three hours. Even when the API steel pipe castings are cooled to the normal room temperature, the choice of the API steel pipe tempering time under a given temperature is critical, because the API steel pipe making process should be stopped within the so called processing window. Thus, it will be allowed to maximize the API steel pipe ferrite before the carbides start to form except the fact that the mixture of b ferrite and retained carbon will have some amount of API steel pipe in different forms.

It appears that API steel pipe can be produced more quickly mainly in low temperature and during the API steel pipe tempered process, high strength ductile iron is better than the simple high wear resistance material. However, both these materials are needed in which the relative small amount of API steel pipe can be tolerated. If we could have a rough idea of the alloy steel pipe history, we may have a better understanding of how to make the production process more cost effective.

There is one thing we should not forget and should be taken into account that we must remember the API steel pipe quenching has been applied for decades and the techniques have been very mature. The API steel pipe heat treatment leads to formation product of ferrite and a fine dispersion of carbide that are generally formed below five hundred degrees. The parallel shape units of ferrite is included in the API steel pipe aggregate so that the API steel pipe will produce the appearance under the optical microscopy and can be only formed above approximately three thousand and five hundred degrees.

Lower grades of API steel pipe tend to have an acicular appearance that is similar to the tempered shape that is formed below approximately three thousand degrees. It should be added that in the API steel pipe upper fine dispersed carbides, there are a lot of ferrite grain boundaries while in the lower side and these fine dispersed carbides within the API steel pipe in general occupy the interior of the ferrite. This definition will be given so as to underline that it is two phase API steel pipe micro structure that is resulted by means of very short distance in terms of the diffusion of carbon in the API steel pipe metal matrix. More and more frequently we will use this type of API steel pipe that is marked with new and unique micro structures as a result of the API steel pipe isothermal quenching as well as the carbon austenite.


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