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Tremendous Development of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-7-10 8:40:22       Author:

The results of alloy steel pipe tips can be made from the comparison between the micro structures of the welded steel pipe as well as the selected alloy steel pipe. In fact, the welded steel pipe and the tempered iron pipe are presented in a clear manner and the aim of the welded steel pipe comparison has been made to find out the differences and similarities that exist in these iron carbon welded steel pipes that are made from the commercial alloys. The results on the welded steel pipe structure as well as the related literature data should be used, which follows from the discussion that is presented in terms of both the welded steel pipe micro structure and properties.

The two parts might be very close since they both are observed in the welded steel pipe made from a certain type of alloy carbon steel. Moreover, it is suggested that there is no doubt to treat the mechanical properties of welded steel pipe and the steel that contains nodular inclusions and graphite. There is no doubt for operators to assume that the tempered ductile iron is probably one of the most outstanding achievements in the welded steel pipe production industry. Alloy steel pipe tips are rather helpful for users of the large piping systems.

In the past few last years, there has been tremendous interest in terms of the processing and development of welded steel pipe. The excellent combination of strength, wear resistance and toughness make the concurrent material to be made into welded steel pipe highly sought after in the overall piping industry. For instance, there is a wide variety of applications of welded steel pipe in the field of automotive, rail and heavy engineering industries. Although welded steel pipe will take some time before the piping designers accept the relative new structural material of the welded steel pipe.

The commercial use of different grades of welded steel pipe has been continually increasing and the unique mechanical properties of welded steel pipe that are resulted from the unique and specific micro structure have been valued by many users. In general, the new welded steel pipe consists of carbon stabilized retained austenite as well as ferrite in the micro structure so that during the specific two step heat treatment, the welded steel pipe will become tougher. The welded steel pipe making process will be followed by isothermal quenching at a selected temperature according to the specific needs of the customers. Temperature of welded steel pipe controlling with regard to the carbon concentration might be as high as eight hundred while the temperature of welded steel pipe quenching lies in a range of two hundred to five hundred and fifty degrees.


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