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The Use of Seamless Steel Tubes and Welded Pipes

The time of issue:2014-7-7 10:04:27       Author:

Welded steel pipe is generally adopted; cold rolling, high-frequency welding, molding process is completed. It is a kind of pipe joints. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is drawn into seamless, hot-rolled tube through forging billet, piercing, rolling, shaping and other processes. General large-diameter, thick-walled seamless tube is used in this form; cold drawn tube is pulled cold forming, relatively low material strength, appearance and smooth internal surface. Small diameter and thin-walled seamless of seamless steel pipe usage is more practical than welded steel pipe.

It is suitable for low pressure and temperature of the meson, seamless steel pipe usage in many aspects, such as high temperature and pressure for mesons, high quality requirements for fluid leak-proof, and the choice of seamless steel tubes for fear of pollution. Seamless steel pipe usage but also in terms of building structures for machining, different materials, different strengths, different thickness, different specifications, different precision, seamless pipe joints are better , according to need.

Since the 1930s, the development of high-quality steel rolling production and testing technology very quickly and gradually improve the quality of welding, welded steel varieties and specifications are constantly increasing, and more and more areas to be applied. Seamless steel pipe usage is lower than cost, high production efficiency. The steel pipe diameter and wall thickness ratio of less than 20 is called thick-walled steel pipe. The seamless steel pipe usage is suitable for the petroleum geology, petroleum and petrochemical cracking tubes, boiler tubes, pipes and automotive bearings, tractors, aviation structures with high precision tubes.

Cold drawn seamless steel and hot-rolled seamless steel tubes have a clear division there are several aspects of seamless steel pipe, the material and performance standard for comparison, its material, including ordinary tube and alloy tube, land transfer fluid seam steel pipe, high pressure boiler seamless pipe, fertilizer equipment, high pressure seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe for geological drilling, oil drilling seamless steel pipe, petroleum cracking seamless OCTG seamless drill collars, automobile axle seamless steel pipes, Ships with seamless steel tubes, cold drawn cold rolled precision seamless steel tubes. The steel ingot, as well as billet or bar which is made of seamless steel pipe perforation, makes of seamless steel pipe; welded steel pipe is hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel sheet and strip made of welded, straight seam welded longitudinally, can spiral welding. These are very good representatives and the seamless steel pipe usage is extensive.


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