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Industry Usage of Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-7-4 9:50:24       Author:

As there is no better material suitable for chemicals transportation, seamless steel pipe industry usage is vital. Because the steel won can react with the chemicals, the seamless steel pipe is fit for the usage. General, seamless steel pipe is used for scaffolding in construction industry. The seamless steel pipe industry usage is as follows.

The seamless steel pipe can be divided into different types according to the specific requirements of procurer. The sourcing industrial pipe can help procurer to see the wall thickness, metric size and pipe schedule. American National Standards Institute pays great attention to the classification place of the pipe in order to calculate wall thickness. The other industry usage of seamless steel pipe is in oil industry. The seamless steel pipe is not only used to convey gas, but also used to manufacture LPG and other non-toxic gases. In addition, the seamless steel pipe can be used in construction industry. In construction industry, the pipe is suitable for scaffolding. The chemical industry prefers to the seamless steel pipe because the pipe is fit for transporting chemicals. In the meanwhile, the steel pipe is suitable for the automotive industry because of the flow of air and water in the system. Factually, the black steel pipe is used in industry in a plethora of industries in some or the other way.

The leading manufacturers use top quality raw material to produce seamless steel pipe, and they can also produce according to the requirements of customers, such as different steel grades, dimensions, diameters and thickness. Though the usage of seamless steel pipe is wide, sometimes the pipe is not suitable for certain circumstance. Take the example of type 304 seamless steel pipe. The type 304 seamless steel pipe has the advantages of high chemicals and corrosion resistance. But this kind of pipe cannot adapt to the temperatures between 800 and 1640 degrees Fahrenheit, because the pipe is prone to carbide precipitation under such circumstance.

What is more, the industry usage of seamless steel pipe is wide because of its special raw material. For example, seamless steel pipe which is made up of either solid chromium or chromium steels can be used in such circumstance as corrosion or high temperature.


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