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Welded Steel Pipe Classified in Different Way

The time of issue:2014-7-4 9:49:18       Author:

Welded steel pipe is one of the most common pipes around us. It is straightforward to produce welded pipe, and the production is efficient. With the development of high-quality strip rolling and the welding plus inspection technology, the quality and types of welded steel pipe is increasing. This article will tell the classification of welded steel pipe.

The welded steel pipe can be divided into longitudinal welded pipe and spiral welded pipe based on the condition of welding pipe. Firstly, let us know something about the longitudinal welded pipe. There are many advantages of this kind of welded steel pipe, including higher manufacturing efficiency, inexpensive, rapid development, so it is more used in general industrial. The next is ERW steel pipe. Compared to straight seam welded steel pipe, this kind of pipe needs larger power. ERW steel pipe is used widely, for example, it can be suitable for massive diameter pipe within a slender billet manufacturing, and can be used for billet manufacturing. In addition, it is also suitable for different width concerning the same diameter distinct pipe. However, the price of spiral welded metal pipe is lower than the straight pipe. Therefore, if the caliber of pipe is tiny, it tends to adopt longitudinal welded; on the contrary, the spiral welding is usually used by massive diameter welded pipe.

In addition, we can divide the pipe into different types according to their different usages. The first one is the wire casing, which is a kind of standard double sided submerged arc spiral welded pipe. Usually, it is used in concrete distribution engineering construction. It has various diameters, which range from 13 to 76mm.

The second is transformer pipe, which is used to manufacture transformer radiator tube and warmth exchanger. In addition, this kind of welded steel pipe is also used to common carbon production, including flattening, flared, bending, and hydraulic check. Also, it is useful for pipe bending. The third one is special pipe, which can be used together with rectangular tube, and it is linked to ordinary carbon structural steel. Therefore, it is usually used in agricultural equipment elements and metal doorways.

The next is welded thin-wall steel pipe, which is used widely in home furniture, toys, and lamps and so on. But recently, this kind of pipe is beginning to be replaced by stainless steel belt. The last one is galvanized welded steel pipe, which can improve the corrosion resistance of steel. The cost of this kind welded steel pipe is reduced because of the special structure of it.


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