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Difference between Black and Galvanized Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-7-1 9:30:31       Author:

The gas and water are essential in our daily life, because gas can be used to provide heat and fire for us. Therefore, pipes are important, and we use them to convey these essential materials into homes, buildings and other construction projects to meet our daily needs. There are two types that are used most widely, including black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe. The difference between black and galvanized steel pipe is as follows.

To know the difference between black and galvanized steel pipe, we should firstly know more about black steel pipe. We usually use black steel pipe to transport water and gas from their sources to the end users. This kind of steel pipe is often used by business and homes when they need to convey their supply of natural or propane gas. As characterize of black steel pipe of strong resistance to heat, it can be useful for fire sprinkler systems. In addition, black steel pipe can be used to transfer heating and cooling water to heat exchangers. It is usually joined by welding or by using mechanical couplings. What is more, it can be used for gas lines, especially used to connect appliances. Black steel pipe is also used in drain lines, heating piping, and natural gas piping.

Then we should know something about galvanized steel pipe, which can help us know the difference between black and galvanized steel pipe. However, galvanized steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe covered with zinc, which can increase the life expectancy of the pipes. So the galvanized steel pipe is more corrosion resistance and is more durable. It is suitable for water supply line. But the galvanized steel pipe is not suitable for gas lines, and the reason is when the zinc on the pipe begins to flake, it may clog the lines. Therefore, we usually use this kind of steel pipe in outdoor railings, scaffolding, fence, sewage plumbing, and farm irrigation. What is more, it is suitable for big construction projects.

Though the galvanized steel pipe can prevent corrosion because of the zinc on it, it still corrodes quicker than copper or PVC pipes. In the meanwhile, there is lead in the pipe, which is harmful. Also this kind of steel pipe is more expensive than black steel pipe. What is worse, when the zinc in galvanized steel pipe flakes, the pipe may burst. SO, those disadvantages of the galvanized steel pipe also can have an influence on the difference between black and galvanized steel pipe.

To use them with proper method, it is not advised to use the pipe of combination of two types of material.


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