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Introduction on Seamless Steel Pipe

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Firstly, we should know what seamless steel pipe is. Different from API steel pipe, seamless steel pipe is made when a hollow shell is created on a solid billet of carbon steel or steel alloy over a piercing rod. We cut the billets to meet the required length of buyers. After the billets are heated to temperatures of 1200°C to 1300°C, the seamless steel pipe then will be formed. The hollow shell, which is also called a mother bland, is created by drawing over the solid billet. The end is crimped in hot conditions then air-cooled.

Then the seamless steel pipe will be pickled, powdered, lubricated, so the pipe can enter into the next process of tube drawing. There are three types because of different demands, including single, double and triple drawing. The pipe is cooled to around 750°C, and then we strengthen it. At last, we should clean the pipe, and cut the pipe into exact sizes. And then a seamless steel pipe is finished. But before used and sold, the seamless steel pipe must be tested the quality to meet the standard of international parameters.

There are many advantages of seamless steel pipe, and one of the most attractive advantages is the ability to withstand high pressure. Seamless steel pipe can withstand more pressure because there is no welded seam on seamless steel pipe, so the tensile strength is uniform. Based on the tensile strength of the metals and the wall thickness of the pipe, each steel pipe has normal pressure ratings. Even though the seamless steel pipe is more expensive, it is a preferred choice because of the smaller wall thickness tolerance.

The seamless steel pipe is usually used in the transportation sector and the petroleum sector. We use seamless steel pipe to convey such fluids as water, natural gas, waste, and air and so on. In addition, it is suitable for corrosion strength, so it is ideal for oil and gas industry. Another advantage of seamless steel pipe is its strength under loading. Even if seamless steel pipe is expensive than other types of steel pipe, it is more reliable with the fewest failure points. Those common problems such as pipe failures and leaks may not occur when we use seamless steel pipe.


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