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Welding Process of Welded Steel Pipe

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The process of welding in the form of welded steel pipe is also a process in which the steel pipe is steel welded after the curling molding is made. In general, the manufacturing process of welded steel pipe is compact, and the production of it is very high and the specifications are various. Besides, the manufactures require less capital to equip their factory, so the strength of them is less than manufacturer of seamless steel pipes.

With the simple production process, high efficiency and low cost, the longitudinal welded steel pipe develops quickly. Because the spiral welded steel pipe is often higher than the longitudinal welded steel pipe, manufacturers can choose narrow billet to product large diameter pipe. In addition, even the same width of the billet can be useful for different pipe diameters. However, there is disadvantage of the welded steel pipe, namely, when the weld length reaches 30 to 100%, then the production rate will be lower than straight seam pipe. So most manufacturers usually make smaller diameter pipe a straight seam welded, but the larger diameter pipe is the contrary. The ordinary carbon steel wire is used for many purposes, for example, industrial and civil construction. If it is installed on the machinery, then the welded steel pipe can be protected by the electrical installation.

In general, the spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe, which is used to convey low pressure liquid, uses a kind of hot-rolled steel strip coils. So the warm spiral shape is often formed. In the welding process of this kind pipe, the welded steel pipe can deliver water, gas, air and steam low pressure liquid by using double-sided or single sided automatic submerged arc welding process, which meet the legal standards. Usually, straight seam welded steel pipe and steel pipe are required to be parallel to the longitudinal welded pipe. There are mainly three kinds of parts including metric welded steel pipe, welded tube and transformer cooling pipes.

There are many advantages of welded steel pipe, such as withstanding strong pressure, good welding performance. What is more, it is safe and reliable after a variety of rigorous scientific examination and testing.


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