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Welding Stress of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-6-24 9:43:23       Author:

The welding stress in welded steel pipe is from the process of welding and welded components. The welding stress generated during the welding process can lead to the changes of the shape and size of the welded steel pipe. How does the welding stress generate? The answer is the uneven temperature field, which may lead to its local plastic deformation. Besides, the root cause of the welding stress of welded steel pipe is the volume of different organizations. If the welding disappearance does not lead to a non-uniform temperature field, we call this phenomenon transient welding stress and deformation. After the welding residual stress and deformation is disappearing, then there is stress and deformation temperature field.

In general, there are two types of welding stress of when welding welded steel pipe, including thermal stress and residual stress. If the shape and size of welding stress of welded steel pipe changes during the process of welding, then the welding often refers to thermal welding. Usually, the soldering heat stress which is generated during welding process is caused by the internal temperature of the weldment. The thermal welding may lead to uniform temperature field, as well as the deformation of a partial specific volume and the type of tissue, which in turn causes the thermal stress and deformation of the welded steel pipe. If the non-uniform temperature field welding does not disappear, then the welding stress and deformation of transient weldment welding stress and deformation will also not disappear. However, the residual welding stress and deformation will disappear after the welding temperature field.

The residual stress during the process of welding the welded steel pipe, which has not been the member of the common welding stress, begins to bear loads. However, the member of the common welding stress usually exists in the process of component service. In addition, the work load that is caused by the welding stress and the superposition leads to a secondary deformation and residual stress redistribution. Therefore, the stiffness and stability of the welded steel pipe structure are reduced. What is worse, the ability of resisting the brittle fracture and corrosion cracking is decreased, but also the fatigue strength of the welded steel pipe structure is impacted seriously.


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