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The Obvious Seamless Steel Pipe Benefits

The time of issue:2014-6-19 10:53:17       Author:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in equipment manufacturing, there are a lot of obvious seamless steel pipe benefits due to the fact that the base metal of welded steel pipe neither needs to be hot or cold worked prior to the entire welding process. As a matter of fact, after the welded steel pipe is produced, the components have to be submitted to a normalizing heat treatment, which are another seamless steel pipe benefits in order to recover the original mechanical properties of the steel pipe. This is true with different types of seamless steel pipe including low alloy steel weld pipes in both the welded condition and after the heat treatment.

To be more specific, it has been proven that seamless steel pipe benefits manifest themselves when it comes to the optical and scanning electron microscopy that are used to observe the micro structure of the seamless steel pipe. For instance, tensile toughness testing and hardness measurements have been carried out to evaluate the seamless steel pipe benefits as well as its mechanical properties. As it turns out, results show that seamless steel pipe normalizing will break the original columnar structure in the seamless steel pipe even if the welded condition is somewhat similar to the one of the weld steel pipe.

On the other hand, due to low carbon content of the seamless steel pipe it has been observed that there is a high decrease on the tensile properties of the pipe, which is especially true in terms of the yield strength after seamless steel pipe benefits normalizing. In respect of toughness, the seamless steel pipe benefits normalizing heat treatment has been observed to increase the energy with a great content of austenite constituent that is formed during the process. What is more. opposite to others heat treatments of the weld steel pipe, seamless steel pipe benefits normalizing is without any doubt capable of modifying significantly the micro structure and the mechanical properties of the steel pipe.

However, although seamless steel pipe benefits normalizing have been proven to be always beneficial, great care must be taken in order to select the proper consumables and according to the metal metallurgy of seamless steel pipe as well as low alloy, in spite of the fact that steels differs significantly from the base metal in several aspects including the heating and cooling rates that might be much more faster than those of a steel base metal during its manufacturing process. The micro structure of the seamless steel pipe benefits metal is columnar and when it is melted it will not be submitted to any subsequent mechanical treatment so that weld metal carbon content can be usually kept below one percent.


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