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How to Invent Alloy Steel Pipe - Its Category and Coating

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API steel pipe belongs to American oil standard line pipe and it is one of the kinds of alloy steel pipe. Alloy steel pipe is made of high quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel and heat resistant stainless steel, by hot rolling or cold rolling. The main applications of alloy steel pipe are high pressure high temperature pipelines and equipments of power plant, nuclear power, high pressure boiler, high temperature superheated and reheated. Here we will focus on the invention of alloy steel pipe.

Alloy steel pipe invention of P91
Technical personnel adjust the required piercing temperature and piercing technology parameters repeatedly, to improve the distance of annular furnace to puncher. This provides strong guarantee for the invention of alloy steel pipe P91.

Alloy steel pipe invention of coating
The invention of alloy steel pipe coating should consider its performance requirements, such as its gas evolution, high temperature strength, suspension property, gas storage property, etc.

Experimental conditions of the invention of alloy steel pipe coating
1. Refractory aggregate. Select and use three refractory aggregates.
2. Binder. Because of the big gas evolution of organic binder, we should choose this kind. Select and use three binders.
3. Suspending agents. In order to guarantee the uniformity of coating, the coating needs to add a certain amount of suspending agents. Select and use three suspension agents.
4. Activator. In order to improve the adhesive strength of coating and mold, we can add a small amount of activator to improve its adhesive strength. The commonly used activators are alkyl sulfate or washing powder.
5. Carrier. Use water to be the carrier, make water-based coating.

Test methods of the invention of alloy steel pipe coating
1. Test method of gas evolution
Use gas evolution test apparatus to measure the gas evolution of tested material under 1100℃.

2. Test method of high-temperature strength
As it is difficult to measure the strength under high temperature, we choose to measure under 300℃.

3. Test method of suspension property
Pour the mixed coating into the measuring cylinder to 100ml. In a stationary state, place the coating sample for 6h and measure the volume of upper clarify layer.


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