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How to Obtain Black Steel Pipe Coatings

The time of issue:2014-6-13 10:23:38       Author:

Alloy steel pipe function mainly includes the elongation and reduction of area while black steel pipe tends to show opposite behavior since the carbon equivalent might be increased under the normalized condition. According to scientific research results, there is a remarkable drop in yield strength of black steel pipe when compared to the alloy steel pipe, although the tensile strength of the former may be higher than the latter, which can be attributed to the low cooling rates characteristic of the alloy steel pipe function normalizing heat treatment. It has been proven that this process is capable of producing a matrix of coarse ferrite in the alloy steel pipe function and it is known that the alloy steel pipe function ferrite have a high dislocation density with which it can combine the small grain size of the ferrite so as to produce a considerable high yield and tensile strength.

As a matter of fact, research result presents that near the minimum threshold that is usually required for alloy steel pipe manufacturing, the beneficial effect of ferrite on toughness can be maintained although the content of ferrite might be low among black steel pipe metals.

However, they have greater values of impact toughness since the lower toughness of the black steel pipe metals is attributed to the presence of micro constituent as mentioned earlier. Alternatives to the spraying method have been developed to obtain black steel pipe coatings without any doubt in which a substrate can be soaked in a solution that simulates the coating conditions for a period of time long enough so as to form a desirable layer on the substrate as long as the black steel pipe samples are immersed in simulated body fluid for more than three days and in a solution with a high concentration for another five days.

Thus, the modified black steel pipe coatings can be characterized with the help of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray analysis, according to the results that are obtained in terms of black steel pipe consumables both before and after the normalizing condition. On the other hand, it is supposed that steels used for black steel pipe manufacturing usually have 880MPa minimum tensile strength with great impact toughness so that in this case, the black steel pipe weld metal is considered to obtain the better compromise between toughness and tensile strength because for many engineering purposes black steel pipe yield strength is in the design of equipments. It has been observed that thanks to the Alloy steel pipe function, an increase occurs in the relative values of central roughness for Alloy steel pipe samples, especially the ones treated in the more concentrated solution.


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