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The Welded Steel Pipe Scanning Electron Microscopy

The time of issue:2014-6-12 11:03:07       Author:

It has been proven that welded steel pipe are in general etched under the image acquisition of more than five hundred times in terms of magnification in the columnar zone, which is true at about thirty different fields with a grid of forty points for each. As a matter of fact, the image acquisition of welded steel pipe is intended to identify and classify the weld metal micro structure since even under the normalized condition the average grain size of welded steel pipe should be measured by the intercept method, which is the most cost effective way so far. The ASTM number also needs to be calculated according to the welded steel pipe equation and scanning electron microscopy will be used in the alloy steel pipe maintenance evaluation in order to analyze micro phase in the welded steel pipe metals in both conditions of being welded and after normalizing heat treatment in a solution of fifty percent in volume.

On the other hand, mechanical testing of the alloy steel pipe maintenance is performed for both as welded and normalized condition including the welded steel pipe metal tension test, impact testing at more than three different temperatures and hardness below the weld joint surface. Welded steel pipe metal without any doubt shows a great content of boundary ferrite and a typical photomicrograph has been shown in a lot of studies concerning the welded steel pipe. To be more specific, the addition of Mo is beneficial to promote the increase of alloy steel pipe maintenance ferrite while the others welded steel pipe morphology types are significantly reduced, which shows that Mo has an impact on the promotion of a micro structure refinement.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the addition of Ti weld metal in welded steel pipe also helps to promote an additional increase of ferrite content, which shows the strong effect of Ti addition on the micro structure refinement of the pipe and the ability is said to be dependent of Ti presence, which combines with both C and N of the weld metal and allows them to segregate at the welded steel pipe grain boundary so as to reduce the transformation temperature. The effect of Cr addition on the alloy steel pipe maintenance can be observed when the product is compared to other types of weld metals although ferrite contents of the welded steel pipe metals are almost the same at around forty four percent, which can be observed from the effect of increasing the aligned side plate content. This is also attributed to the higher Mn content of welded steel pipe metal because this element is considered to be more effective in reducing the temperature transformation.


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