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Some Information about the ERW Steel Pipe

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At the first, we should understand what the black steel is. The black steel, which is black iron, is a kind of the uncoated steel. On the surface of the pipe, it will form a black oxide scale if the steel pipe is forged, so that the finish can be seen on the black steel. Sometimes, some factories also apply protective oil to the black steel pipe when producing the pipe in case of the external rust and corrosion. We can use the kind of those black steel to manufacture pipe and tube so that the pipe and tube can subject to the rust for a relatively long time and in turns require relatively little maintenance. In standard 21-foot lengths TBE, the kind of steel is sold.

The black steel pipe, which is a kind of non-galvanized steel pipe, is usually suitable for those applications which don't need the pipe to be galvanized. The name of the non-galvanized black steel is very vivid for the dark colored iron oxide coat of the pipe's surface. The black steel pipe is not only used to transport gas and water, but also used to protect electrical wiring and convert high pressure steam and air. What's more, the black steel pipe is also vital to the oil field industry, which uses the pipes to transport a large quantity of oil to remote areas.

In addition, we can cut and thread the black steel pipes to fit the project. The black malleable cast iron is the fitting for the kind of the pipe. After we use a small amount of pipe joint that compound on the threads, the fittings can be connected to the threaded pipe with the method of screwing. Instead of threaded pipe, the larger diameter pipe is more proper. Heavy-duty tube cutter and cut-off saw, as well as a hacksaw, can be used to cut the black steel pipe. The ERW black steel pipes are suitable for kinds of engineering purposes, for example, fencing, scaffolding and line pipes and so on. The superior quality, continuous casted, fully killed, fin-grain, control-rolled, and low carbon steel are vital to manufacturing the ERW pipes. There is a variety of features of the ERW black steel pipes. The ERW black steel pipe is useful for corrosion resistance, high malleability, superior strength and etc.


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