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What's the Disadvantage of the Welded Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-6-9 10:15:38       Author:

The welded steel pipe is everywhere, and is used in a variety of aspects, for example, in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, and city construction and so on. The welded steel pipe can be not only used for liquid delivery, such as water supply and drainage, but also the transportation of gas, vapor, and liquefied petroleum gas. Because of its special structural, the welded steel pipe can act as both a piling pipe and bridge; in addition, it can be used as a tube for pier, road, building structure.

The main specifications of the welded steel pipe are as following. First, its outer diameter should be 42.3mm-141.3mm or custom-made. The wall thickness of the welded steel pipe can range from 1.0 to 9.5mm. Then the requirements of its length are 5.8M for 20'gp, 11.8M for 40'gp or as custom-made. The forth, the finish of the welded steel pipe should be hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, and black painted. What's more, the welded steel pipe meets the standard of the BS1139, BS EN10255:2004; JIS G3444: 2004, GB/T3091.

The welded steel pipe is sold well online. To make the thickness of the welded steel pipe thicker, the investment of unit and dissolution will be greater, so it is not economical or practical. On the contrary, the input-output will be less if the wall thickness is thinner. There are also many other defects and disadvantages of the welded steel pipe. First of all, the steel of the pipe is layered, which means that the wall thickness is divided into two layers on the cross section of steel tube. Sometimes, the layer may suffer the surface longitudinal cracks of pipe. While the weld line inside and outside the layer, the convex or concave will become warp skin. The second, there is a glue scar inside the surface, but massive scabbing is adhere outside of the welded steel pipe. In addition, the welded steel pipe can't completely avoid the welding cracks of the welding line. At last, the local lap welding, the welding groove, the flat welding and the pipe fitting dislocation are also problems.


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