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Some Information about the Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

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The spiral welded steel pipe, which is in a spiral form that has a DSAW seam the entire length, is usually used to transport the fluid material such as water and gas and so on. We can apply the angle of the steel that is de-coiled against the forming head to determine the outside diameter of the spiral welded pipe. The angle that is used is more acute, and then the diameter that is determined will be greater. The spiral welded pipe can be used in more places because of the production of large, hot rolled coils of sufficient width and the development of dependable non-destructive testing methods. The lengths up to 115 feet in either ID or OD dimensions up to 144 inches are suitable for the roll of the spiral welded pipe. The contractor may have an advantage of short term changes because of the slow manufacturing process. However, the slow manufacturing process may have a bad effect if the large tonnages are needed with a short lead time. The spiral welded steel pipe has limit specifications.

The spiral welded steel pipe in America is designed to meet the requirements of the applicable AWWA and ASTM standards. The standards of the physical and properties are as followings. First of all, the length of the spiral welded steel pipe must be through 3600 mm in order to satisfy the requirements of AWWA C200, ASTM A139, and ASTM A252. The spiral welded steel pipe' wall thicknesses should be through 1”. The yield strengths of the kind of welded steel pipe can be up to 70000 psi. Then the joints of the spiral welded steel pipe are field-welded and rubber-gasket. The machine-beveled ends are suitable for the butt-welded joint configuration. The joint lengths which meets the demands of AWWA C200 and ASTM A139 are up to 55', and the ASTM A252 are up to 80'.

The spiral welded steel pipe is often used in water, wastewater, hydropower, and industrial of transmission mains, treatment plant piping, pump station piping, power plant circulating lines, penstocks, force mains, intakes and outfalls.


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