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Advantages of Natural Gas and Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-6-3 11:29:35       Author:

In the old days, we use natural gas to heat the water. With the improving of the technology, the natural gas combined with carbon steel pipe can be used to light street lamps or to power a car. Thanks to the seamless steel pipe, sufficient gas source can be offered. The natural gas consists of methane, 20% or less of hydrocarbons, thermogenic or biogenic. In general, biogenic comes from methanogen organisms created in shallow sediments which is similar with bogs. Underneath buried organic material thermogenic gasoline can be discovered. Sometimes, natural gas with different forms of hydrocarbon fuels can be found.

ERW steel pipe and specialized drills are usually used to extract the gas that is underneath the earth. Then the gas I processed into methane. Besides the gas, with the reefing process, there are many byproducts including carbon dioxide, butane, helium, nitrogen, propane and water vapor. With the seamless welded steel pipe, the gas can be transported directly from the processing services to the end user. If the natural gas is sufficient to satisfy the demands of one country, then the dependence on international fuel will be lessened. In addition, the natural gas is a kind of clean burning fuel.

A mixture of water vapor and carbon dioxide will be produced during burning the natural gas. On the contrary, when burning oil and coal, some environmental toxins are produced, for example, mercury, nitrogen oxide, sulfur and ash. Though there are also small amounts of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide during methane combustion, these amounts can be negligible compared to oil and coal. Oil and coal burning has a great effect on global warming and greenhouse, but the global warming which is more and more serious nowadays can be controlled by gas, water vapor, nitrogen oxides and methane.

Natural gas has less impact on global than oil or coal. It produces 30% much less carbon dioxide than oil and 45% much less carbon dioxide than coal. In addition, the carbon dioxide which is produced by natural gas doesn't trap heat and emissions. However, the debate of the environmental impact of methane gas within the gas and seamless welded steel pipe is focused on by more and more people.


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