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ERW Steel Pipe Versus SSAW Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-29 11:03:01       Author:

Though both ERW steel pipe & SSAW steel pipe have occupied great market share and are favored by most users, many users cannot tell the difference between them and often distinguish them. I hope this article can help to solve the puzzles.

In order to better differentiate ERW steel pipe & SSAW steel pipe, let's first introduce them one by one thoroughly. First of all, spiral Submerged Arc-Welded steel pipe can serve the delivery of the low pressure fluid. It is mainly used as the pipeline to deliver petroleum and natural gas. It has a great deformability and is easy to weld. The producing process adopts submerged arc welding of steel so as to produce current density. In this way, it can avoid the fast loss of the heat and the heat can be focused on the welding place. SSAW spiral welded pipe can include two types: ordinary spiral steel pipes and thick-wall spiral steel pipe. Comparing to the ordinary one, the steel pipe with thick wall has more advantages: higher safety performance, longer service life (longer lifespan), higher strength to resist impact and crushing. The raw material of SSAW steel pipe is strip steel coil plate. It forms the shape through the extrusion of the room temperature.

Secondly, ERW steel pipe can have many different shapes, such as round, rectangular, square and so on according to the specific requirements of consumers. Comparing to other types of steel pipes, it has relatively simple and easy manufacturing process. ERW (electric resistance welded) steel pipe is different from the traditional and ordinary welded pipe and its welding relies on the melting of the base metal and it has strong strength in the mechanical. All these features make it popular in terms of transporting low pressure fluids.

The above contents are the concrete instruction of ERW steel pipe & SSAW steel pipe. No matter which one you need to buy, you can get them in a physical store or order online. But remember, you must seek a distributor with well-known fame so as to make sure the quality of the steel pipe. The steel pipe is mainly applicable in the construction or manufacturing industries. One matter needing attention: when buying welded steel pipes, looking for the distributors who sell various pipes conforming to the ASTM, ASME and API standards. Anyway, users can just purchase the products they want on the basis of their real job requirements. I hope this article can help you to make a wise decision.


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