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Application of Welded Steel Pipe Fittings

The time of issue:2014-5-28 10:17:12       Author:

First of all, people should be familiar with the fundamental types of welded steel pipe fittings. They are as follows: reducing elbow, 45 elbow, reducing tee, barred tees, coupling, flange and nipple and so on. Welded steel pipe fittings have so many different kinds. Secondly, the welded steel pipe fittings are welded to fix on the tubes and it is just as the name shows. In addition, the fittings provide tremendous advantages. The welding process makes it possible to leak proof immortally. These fittings can satisfy various specifications of the tubes. The strength of the whole system can be increased due to the continuity among the tube and the fittings. The welding system can make full use of the space in a more efficient way than other connecting ways. In addition, with the gradual alter of the direction as well as the smooth surface, the upheaval and pressure loss can be decreased or even avoided.

Due to these obvious advantages, the welded steel pipe fittings can have wide applications. For instance, the butt of the tube has strong durability and it is possible to bend any shape such as triangular, rectangular and so on. The butt can realize an ideal multiple connection in case of the leakage of the liquid. Different kinds of welded steel pipe fittings can improve the overall performance and make the whole fluid-dealing system at minimization. Apart from the butt, elbows are also equally important. It is the priority of many industries such as construction field, oil industry as well as natural gas factories and so on.

The different welded steel pipe fittings can be applied to alter the flow direction of the fluid. By changing the diameter of the pipe, the fluid can flow from one tube to another tube. It is a quite difficult and important task to install and combine the fittings together with the whole welded system. Anyway, the combination occurs in the place where the whole system is most likely to fail and leak fluid. Therefore, the performance of the connection and combination of lots of welded steel pipe fittings can be realized by much professional and strict training. The connection ways can be various including threading, welding and brazing and so forth. Among these connection methods, the most popular is welding (soldering). Generally, the materials which are used to make tubes and fittings must be the same. Most importantly, the essential check of the fittings can never be ignored so as to ensure the integrity as long as the welding is finished.

When widely applying the welded steel pipe fittings into various industries and fields, users must keep one point in mind. That is: the welded steel pipe is relatively expensive because it needs skilled workers to manufacture and install it into the pipe. As a result, it is widely applied in the industries needing high performance. In all, with the progress of modern science and technology, I hope the cost of the fittings can reduce in the future.


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