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Instruction of ERW Steel Pipe Classification

The time of issue:2014-5-27 12:05:12       Author:

ERW steel pipe (Electric Resistance Welded) covers a wide range of classifications and those classifications can be widely applied in the tremendous industries according to the different demands of the consumers. Now, the article will give you some instruction of the ERW steel pipe classification.

First question: why is it called electric resistance welded steel pipe? That is quite simple. At first, ERW steel pipe is a flat piece of steel. Then it is rolled as the pipe shape. Instead of overlapping, it is manufactured and seamed with the welding way. This producing process is called electric resistance. When producing the ERW steel pipe, two processes are necessary: cold rolled ERW and hot rolled ERW. Due to the difference in the specification and models, the manufacturing process is also totally different. In the manufacturing process, the tube can be cold rolled or hot rolled. It will lead to an acute change on the formation of the ERW steel pipe.

Hot rolled ERW steel pipe needs to be rolled at a comparatively higher temperature which will help it to be shaped easily and simply. In all, this process let the hot one more plastic and the higher temperature results in the less strength. What's more, the less strength makes it much cheaper than the cold rolled pipe. The manufacturing of cold rolled pipe has almost the same producing process except to the needing temperature. It can be formed in the room temperature. As is mentioned above, the cold rolled one has better strength and smooth surface as well as the great tolerance thanks to the room temperature. Therefore, it can work and operate better than that of the hot rolled pipe.

In general, on the basis of the welding form, ERW steel pipe can be classified into longitudinal and spiral pipe; on the basis of the usage of the pipe, it can be divided into general pipe, transformer pipe, wire casing, galvanized pipe and so forth. First of all, general pipe, which is also known as black pipe, can be applied to deliver fluid with low pressure. With the improvement in technology and quality of the welded pipe, it can even substitute part of the seamless pipe. Secondly, the transformer pipe can be applied for the cooling tubes as well as the heat exchangers. Besides, it is made by the usual carbon steel. Thirdly, wire casing is usually coated and has relatively thin wall thickness and one important matter needing attention is that this wire casing requires cold bending check in advance. Last but not least, galvanized pipe refers to the pipe with coating zinc on the surface to strengthen the ability of anti-corrosion. Anyway, this article just introduces the ERW steel pipe classification simply so if you have something puzzling, contact us immediately!


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