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A Brief Introduction of Alloy Steel pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-26 10:16:31       Author:

What is alloy steel pipe? Maybe you hear alloy steel pipe in the daily life but you do not what is alloy steel pipe exactly. It has section with hollow, and it is widely used to make pipe which convey gas, coal gas, water, petroleum, etc. Compared to solid steel pipe, it has the same torsional strength as the solid steel pipe. Moreover, its weight is light, which decides that it is a kind of economic black steel pipe. It is mainly used to make high-pressure boiler, high temperature super heater, and reheated of power plant, nuclear power.

And what is alloy steel pipe made by? It is made by superior carbon steel, structural alloy steel, stainless heat resistant steel. After hot rolling or cold rolling, it is formed. By using alloy steel pipe, the stock utilization of material is improved and it can simplify the manufacture process, thus it can save material and time. Something like antifriction bearing ring, jack knot, is widely manufactured by alloy steel pipe.

We are going to talk about the advantages of alloy steel pipe, and it is beneficial to help you understand what alloy steel pipe is. The biggest advantage of the alloy steel pipe is that it can be recycled 100%, which is accord with the national strategy including environmental protection, energy saving, resources saving, etc. And our national strategy encourages the application of alloy steel pipe. At present, our consumption of alloy steel pipe in our country is only a half of other developed countries'. We can see that the alloy steel pipe has extremely large improving space. In addition, according to the research of China special steel association, the requirement of high pressure alloy steel pipe in our country may increase 10% to 12%. It has a pretty bright prospect. What is the origin of the name of alloy steel pipe? Its name comes from its material, which means that alloy steel pipe is a kind of pipes made by alloy steel. Moreover, seamless steel pipe is named according to the manufacturing technique.

Black steel pipe is a kind of alloy steel pipe, and it also has wide application. It can be used to make manufacture components, machine parts including petroleum drill pipe, transmission shaft of motor vehicle, bicycle frame, staging for building, etc. Apart from black steel, there are other kinds of alloy steel pipes, and we do not introduce them one by one. The development condition of alloy steel pipe is quite complex at present. On the one hand, the production of alloy steel pipe creates the top of the production these days. On the other hand, the price of alloy steel is still low while the export of alloy steel pipe keeps increasing. In the future, the development of alloy steel pipe may be more complex, but I do believe that it must have a bright prospect for its obvious advantages.


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