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A Guide on How to Install Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-23 10:34:29       Author:

Seamless steel pipe is widely used to convey fluid with its cavity section. It can be used to make pipes to convey gas, coal gas, petroleum, water, etc. Not only its weight is light, but also it has nice torsional strength and bending strength, which is widely used to manufacture structural component and machine parts like drill pipe, bicycle frame, etc. It is a kind of economic steel, and by using it, the manufacturing process simplifies, and it improves the stock utilization and save materials. It is so useful that it is welcomed by people. How to install seamless steel pipe? We will introduce it as follow.

Since seamless steel pipe has pretty wide application in our life including both daily life and industrial production. It is so popular that in many industrial areas we can see the use of seamless steel pipe. In the meanwhile, the installation of seamless steel pipe should be treated seriously, and how to install seamless steel pipe also has its own strict install regulations. When we install it, we must be careful and ensure the safety of seamless steel pipe. How to install seamless steel pipe correctly? Firstly, before installing seamless steel pipe, the technical staff should read the drawing picture carefully. We must check, receive and install it according to the design requirements of the drawing paper. Only after it is checked to be qualified, can it be installed. It is essential to do some preparation if we want to install seamless steel pipe safely. Moreover, after installing a length of seamless steel pipe, we must weld its fastening firmly, or accidents may happen. And as for welded steel pipe, it is not necessary to weld it again. The seamless steel pipe is strictly prohibited to be put into production without settling. And each worker must be careful about how to install seamless steel pipe, workers cannot install it by taking it for granted.

Because of various use of seamless steel pipe, the requirement about how to install seamless steel pipe is also different. And if the seamless steel pipe is used in pipeline transportation, there are more questions need us to be considered. Before installation, we should conduct a simple pipe inspection.

How to install seamless steel pipe and what tool do we need? We need cutter bar, electric welding machine, polishing machine, electric hammer, etc. While installing, we should locate the pipe according to the drawing paper, and prefabricate piping rack according to the condition. Making a hole by using polishing machine and the angle of the hole should be 60° to 65°. Then fix the pipe on the frame and the gap between two pipes should be 1.5mm to 2.5mm. In addition, during the welding process, workers should wear safety device to protect themselves. And we can not weld pipes at the weld joint, and there should be no welding joint at the bending point. How to install seamless steel pipe correctly deserves us to study and only when we master the technique about how to install seamless steel pipe, can we ensure the safety.


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