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A Professional and Reliable Seamless Steel Pipe Maker

The time of issue:2014-5-23 10:33:45       Author:

We are a professional seamless steel pipe marker, one of the largest manufacturer and dealer on seamless steel pipe for decades. Our seamless steel pipe product include fluid conveying seamless steel pipe, structural seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe for high-pressure boiler, you should know the seamless steel pipe for chemical fertilizer, thick wall seamless steel pipe for machining parts, seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking process and military seamless steel pipe, etc. We concentrate on seamless steel pipes, which decide that we are a reliable seamless steel pipe maker.

It is known that seamless steel pipe is widely used to convey fluid, like petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, water, etc. Compared to solid steel, steel pipe has light weight, also it has the same torsional strength as the solid steel, making it a kind of economic steel and it is welcomed by people. It is used to manufacture structural component and machine part, including drill pipe, transmission shaft of motor vehicle, bicycle frame and staging, etc. It can largely improve stock utilization, and simplify manufacturing process, so that it can save materials and human resources. In order to satisfy people's needs, we, a reliable seamless steel pipe maker, manufacture superior seamless steel pipe.

We are a professional seamless steel pipe maker equipped with advanced technology and machines. We have world advanced 3-roller tube rolling mill, which has advanced automatic control system and it can guarantee an efficient seamless steel pipe production, ensuring the highest quality of seamless steel pipes. Moreover, equipped with excellent manufacturing and testing equipments, we can guarantee that all or our productions are superior and if there exists defective goods, our testing equipments can detect it, so that those defective goods won't be given to clients. Due to our serious and careful attitudes, our seamless steel pipe maker has received high reputation among experts in steel tube industry and customers all over the world. Differing from seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with juncture on the surface, which is welded by using steel band or steel plate. And seamless steel pipe has no juncture on the surface.

If you want to purchase seamless steel pipe, come and purchase at our company- a reliable and professional seamless steel pipe maker, we are here waiting for you purchasing sincerely. And we promise that all the goods you purchase are guaranteed by us. We provide superior service including phone service and internet service for 24 hours a day. If you have any question about our seamless steel pipe, we are here waiting for helping you solve your problems. And after purchasing our seamless steel pipe, we provide free transportation service to your assigned address. And we can guide you if you have any problems in using them. Moreover, we guarantee that all seamless steel pipes we sell are superior, and if there are defective goods by accident, we will change them at once and we undertake the transportation expenses. Our honest principle and superior quality of seamless steel pipe make us a professional and reliable seamless steel pipe maker, you can trust us and we must satisfy you!


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