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Ways to Polish and Cut Stainless Steel Pipe

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Steel pipe, is familiar to us and there are different kinds of steel pipes actually, like stainless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, black steel pipe and so forth. Well, stainless steel pipe can look more shiny and new in comparison with other kinds of pipes. You may need tools, like grinder, polishing belts, polishing compound, grinding discs, polishing discs and so forth to cut or polish it.

I. Instructions on Polishing Stainless Steel Pipe

Step 1 - Any welds that are still on the pipe should be grinded down. In this process grinding disc and grinder will be needed.

Step 2 - Mount the pipe into a pipe vise or similar set-up. You can use a regular vise wrapped with a towel or fitting with a rubber cap, but a professional vise is the best. During the polish a great deal of downward pressure applied to the pipe.

Step 3 - Use a polishing compound to the pipe. While sliding your polishing belt (120 to 180 grit) onto the pipe and around the head of a grinder (fitted with a belt wheel sized to your pipe width), you should hold this below the steel pipe and move it slowly across the pipe comprehensively.

Step 4 - We may need an additional polishing compound. Slide the grinding belt wheel along the pipe with steady motions to polish the pipe continuously.

Step 5 - Buff the fine lines out with a buffer grinding disc in which we still use the polishing compound to the stainless steel pipe. You can repeat these steps until you feel ok about the surface of your stainless steel pipe. There are different ways to polish a stainless steel pipe. If you want a finer finish, the grit of the belt sander should be smaller. While applying the belt grinder, we can also use different types of abrasive and non-abrasive buffing discs to get what we needed.

II. Instruction on How to Cut a Stainless Steel Pipe

Several kinds of pipe materials are available for us including PVC, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel pipes have variety of applications such as in construction; the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and automotive industries both for municipal and decorative purposes. The thickness of wall should vary according to the diameter of the pipe. Compared with thin-walled pipes, a thick pipe needs specialized tools with comprehend steps. Workbench, bench vise and rotary pipe cutter are needed to help cut the stainless steel pipe. Subjoin the bench vise and the workbench together. In order to secure the pipe to the workbench the vise should be applied. Sign a mark where you want to cut the pipe. A large space about 6 inches between the end of the table and the mark should empty out to do the pipe cutting. Attach the pipe cutter to the pipe and tighten the handle until the cutting edge just touches the pipe. Bit oil should be rubbed to the sign. In the meantime tighten the cutter. Twirl the pipe cutter again and again. Continue the process 4 and 5 until you successfully.


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