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Detailed Introduction on API

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For most non-specialists in the petroleum industry, they are totally at a loss when referring to the conception of API steel pipe. After reading this article, people may really find out the definition of API steel pipe as well as how API certificates. API, American Petroleum Institute, holds over 500 files which can apply for lots of fields in the petroleum and natural gas industry from economic development to environment protection. API standards involve many aspects, including manuals, standards, suggested practices, brief guidelines and technical reports. Since people have a fundamental impression on API, then they may feel puzzle how to certificate the products they manufacture such as the steel pipe.

API introduction and its certification: it includes API series product logo certification consulting as well as API Q1 quality management system certification consulting. API was founded in 1919, is the first commercial society with the name of commercial grade. Its purpose lies in contacting virtually every sector of the oil industry. Along with the development of petroleum industry, oil equipment manufacturers are increasing gradually. Requirements in the standard and safety of equipment for oil field are also increasing. Therefore, in 1923, API set up its first mass industry department in the API standards, which was translated for API Production Department.

The first batch of API standard published in 1924, and then the number increases year by year. In 1949, the first one volume edition published. API has published a lot of technical documents, and the official publications include standard (Std), specifications (Spec), RP (Recommended Practice), API Bull and Special Publications (Pub SP). API certification involves the following process: application, examination and confirmation. Process is divided into manufacturer's application, API certification protocol, forensics information table, quality manual and nonrefundable application fee. After the approval of quality manual, API will arrange an on-site audit when both factory and API are convenient and audit fee shall be borne by the manufacturer. API staff determines whether to give certification according to the validation API quality standards in line with the objective basis of the obtained.

One of the main obligations for API is to serve as the standardization of the oil and natural gas industrial equipment task to ensure the safety, reliability and exchange of the equipment this industry applies. API enjoys a high reputation in the world. Therefore, equipment with API markers is regarded as reliable and advanced level. Equipment with API marker has significant meaning for the businesses. It shows the world the product you manufacture has the world's first-class quality and can advance full trust for consumers in oil and natural gas industry. Only enterprises have achieved API monogram, each quarter, API published magazines will introduce this enterprise's products to the buyers so that buyers can make a direct contact with the company. Anyway, after knowing API introduction, consumers can have a reassuring shopping for the various type of steel pipe. They can choose to buy pipes with API marker.


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