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API Steel Pipe Storage Methods and Tips

The time of issue:2014-5-20 10:39:44       Author:

Nowadays, with the improvement in both quality and technology, API steel pipe has covered a wide range of industries, mainly in oil and natural gas industry. It plays an indispensable role in the oil drilling. Due to its popularity, its application and storage has become an urgent task.

First of all, when using in the oil industry, it is mainly applied in the process of drilling. After finishing the well drilling, it supports boring on the wall. An then while installing the pipe, it is necessary to check the machine by the tool-- ultrasonic to rule out any possibly potential defects of the plates inside and outside. Cracks, inclusions are the inevitable problems. This method is quite useful to avoid such problems and defects. As a result, it can avoid bring those unqualified parts into the next manufacturing process. Before installation, what matters is to ensure the clean on the surface of the plate. During the examination, if something wrong occurs, it will alarm. At this time, checking the place alarmed once again and again to find out where the defect lies.

During the testing period, some unexpected problems may take place. First and foremost, choosing unsuitable energy will make it impossible to check the defects; secondly, the area that probing tools place is not accurate, which will result in failing to find all the defects completely; last but not least, the way to set up the alarm system is not correct and it will make examiners not discover the actual problems in time.

When storing the pipe, users can follow the steps below. 1. Where the pipe users want to put is the position your foundation builds. 4x4 wood pieces, when you try to get rid of the tube, can keep the API steel pipe from rolling down. It will be convenient to drive the lifting machinery processing tube from the ground. Therefore, this wood piece is the priority for many stores with rich experience. 2. Users need to put the first layers on the raider buggies. One matter needing attention is to ensure the even and uniformity of both ends of the tube. And then, the second layer is expected to be tiled and its ends should work with the first layer. In addition, the pipeline placing in the same pile should be in the same size. In all, these are the fundamental steps for API steel pipe application and storage and users can try to learn more about it and this type of pipe can bring great benefits and profits for the corporations.


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