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How to Maintain Black Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-5-19 12:29:06       Author:

Nowadays, there exist a large number of steel pipes in the competitive market at home and abroad. However, black steel pipe is still the most popular pipes consumers prefer to select. In the daily life, it is used frequently and in order to extend its service life and have a longer lifespan, uses should learn the basic steps about the black steel pipe maintenance.

Installing the pipe is quite significant. Before installation,?sufficient preliminary work is necessary. Only the preliminary work has finished, users can start to install it. You need to evaluate the whole length of the pipeline that needs running. Then you can cut the length depending on your requirements. Some tools are indispensable. When you have cut the length you need, get rid of the sharp edge. Select appropriate model relying on the size of actual black pipe. When it has been installed, if oil or gas leakage happens, reciprocating can handle this problem.

There is a key point that users must pay attention to when protecting it---black steel pipe can be buried underground. Before learning to maintain it, you must prepare the basic tools in advance, such as steel wire brush, rags, anti-rust primer and proper paint and so on. Firstly, you need to get rid of the existing rust and then clean up the surface of the pipe. You should also deal with the loose paints if there are some protective oils on the surface. The wire brush is recommended to remove the rust. If the rust can't be totally removed, it will affect the working efficiency of the pipe. Secondly, before using the paints, it is better to apply anti-rust primer. This step is easy to operate—using spray will ease this problem. You can also coat the second layer until the first layer has totally dried. The second layer can be coated by using the same way as the first layer coating. Thirdly, make sure that the paint on the surface is intact.

As is known, if the paint suffered from damage, the pipe will be vulnerable to be corroded. To make it worse, it will influence the working efficiency of the pipe and users may fail to realize their purposes. So if users find the paint is damaged, they should re-paint the pipe surface immediately. Last but not least, you are suggested to use paints with thin coats instead of that of thick coats. In this way, the operation process will be more efficient and it will be able to catch user's eyes. Actually, these maintenance steps can also apply for the protection of all types of steel pipes. In a word, grasping these steps of black steel pipe maintenance and carefully following them. It will bring great financial benefits to the users.


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