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How to Differentiate Black Steel Pipe & Galvanized Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-16 10:03:15       Author:

Nowadays, when human beings want to delivery water and gas for family or commercial use, they will immediately think of the pipe to use. When choosing the types of pipe, black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe are most commonly used. Water is the first necessity for humans to survive. By installing the pipe, it helps to bring water we need for modern life. Besides, it can also transfer the gas for industries to produce. The two types have their own advantages so how to choose one that really is suitable for jobs? You must first know the characteristics of them and then make a comparison between them.

Features of black pipe: first, why does it call “black”? The black color is from the iron-oxide left in the surface of the pipe in the process of producing. While fording the steel pipe, the black iron oxide appears in the surface and this is the origin of the black. One point that black pipe is different from galvanized pipe is that the former has no coating. It is better to convey natural gas because of not having seam. Its manufacture process adopts the seamless science and technology; besides, it is more useful and beneficial to manufacture automatic sprinkler system as it is more able to resist fire than the galvanized steel pipe. Thanks to these advantages, it is favored by many gas and water suppliers.

Features of galvanized steel pipe: galvanized steel pipe is a pipe by galvanizing enough zinc as the protective coating. This is the main difference compared to the black steel pipe. That's to say, galvanized pipe is covered by zinc layers. Due to the sufficient zinc, galvanized steel pipe seems to be more resistant with corrosion than the black pipe. However, as time goes, the zinc coated in the surface will gradually falls off. Therefore, the ability to resist corrosion will weaken. What's more, it can't be used to deliver the gas.

The above parts have introduced their own features. The writing will make a comparison to tell the difference between black steel pipe & galvanized steel pipe. First of all, difference in price. Expenditure must be the priority. Galvanized pipe needs more budget than the black one because the former needs to coat rich zinc on the surface of the pipe while the zinc on the surface of black one is formed in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the later can save money. Mostly importantly, don't install and use the two types together. They are produced for the different purposes so don't confuse them. If you are really at a loss about them, consulting professional personage in advance will help you! Secondly, the difference in common problems can't be ignored. Galvanized pipe will explode as the zinc coating will fall off gradually and the pipe will be blocked. Besides, it can't be used to transfer natural gas or great harm will be inevitable. For the black one, it is easier to be corroded than the galvanized one. These contents are the basic difference between black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe.


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