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Welded Steel Pipe Versus Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-15 10:57:14       Author:

Nowadays, when choosing a tube for product manufacturing, consumers has so many choices that they can't decide which one is better for their requirements. There are manly two methods applying for manufacturing the tube. They are welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. Each of them has their own merits and drawbacks. As a result, to comprehend them better and make a wise choice, it is necessary to know a little bit about the comparison between comparison between welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe.

Seamless steel pipe: it has hollow section and many of them are used for delivering fluid, such as oil, natural gas, water and some solid materials. Compared with solid steel such as round steel, though they have the same bending torsional strength phase, the seamless pipe has lighter weight and it is a kind of economic cross section steel and mainly used in manufacturing and mechanical businesses, such as the oil pipe, automobile transmission shaft, the bicycle frame and so on. It has become the best choice when users want to improve the utilization rate of materials, simplify the manufacturing process and save materials as well as the processing time. The main applications include: 1. Mechanical processing, bearing sleeve, and processing machinery spare parts, etc. 2. Anti-static tube used in the wind power plants. 3. Electrical industry: gas pipeline transportation, water power fluid pipeline. 4. Construction: the boiler hot water delivery.

Welded steel pipe: it is mainly applied in tap water project, petroleum chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation as well as urban construction and it is also one of the twenty key products that Chinese government supports to develop. When it is used for liquid transportation, it includes water supply and drainage; when used for gas transportation, it supports gas, vapor, liquefied petroleum gas; when used for its structure, it can be applied as piling pipe, bridge as well as dock, road, building structural tube, etc.

Since users have known the basic comparison between welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe in their own unique applications, when selecting a right type of tubes, it is still important to take the following factors into account. Cost. Seamless steel pipe needs more expenditure than welded steel pipe. Therefore, if companies don't have sufficient budget, the latter will be a great choice. The wall thickness. The wall thickness of seamless pipe is the most inconsistent while the welded tube has better effect in this aspect. Anti—corrosion ability. Seamless tube has the best function in resisting corrosion because it consists of the same material without any welding among the materials. Strength to burst. In this aspect, seamless tube may be better because of the same reason above. The materials it uses are all the same and they have the same kind and dimensions.


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